MISSION #43, Bordeaux, December 5, 1943.

The 388th put up two Groups on this mission with 24 planes in each Group. The planes took-off between 0730 and 0806 hours with the "A" Group as low Group and "B" Group as high Group of the 45th Combat Wing formation which was the last Combat Wing of the 3rd Air Division.

Three a/c of the "A" Group aborted as follows: F/O Bianchi, returned to base at 1040 hours because the gas cap was off his #3 engine; Lt. Swift, returned to base at 1230 hours when he lost power in #2 engine, and Lt. Hughes, turned back off the French Coast when valves on the Tokyo tanks stuck and landed at base at 1230 hours.

Two a/c of the "B" Group aborted as follows: Lt. Rubottom, when #2 supercharger went out and landed at 1200 hours and Lt. Hennessy, turned back at 1034 hours when the oxygen supply on the Pilots side cut out.

The remaining 43 a/c proceeded to the Target, except after crossing the Coast on the way out into the Bay of Biscay near Coudre, the formation was south of the briefed course so the formation made four wide circles into the Bay of Biscay and headed for the IP and Target. The Target was cloud covered and the bombs could not be dropped. The formation then headed for Cognac Airfield, the secondary Target, which was also cloud covered and bombs could not be dropped. At this point 18 a/c jettisoned their bombs because of gas shortage. One a/c jettisoned its bombs when a 20mm shell set its incendiaries on fire.

Flak encountered was meager except in the Target area where it increased in intensity. About a dozen enemy a/c were encountered in the Target area with most attacks out of the sun, but none of these attacks were pressed home.

Lt. Todd, in a/c 42-30837 "Ole Bassar" left the formation north of the Target with #1 Engine feathered and was shot down by FW 190's.

S/Sgt. Harvey Norton, Ball-gunner on Lt. Kempton's crew was very seriously wounded by a 30 caliber bullet.

After the bomb run when this a/c was attacked by fighters, Sgt. Norton was very severely wounded. Though suffering extreme pain, he remained by his guns, fighting off the vicious assaults until the last plane had been driven off. Only then was he helped from his turret to receive emergency first-aid treatment. Sgt. Norton received the Silver Star for gallantry in action.

Lt. Moyer in a/c #350, returned with a crippled plane and the entire crew bailed-out over England safely. Lt. Joho landed at Bevingdon because of gas shortage.

On December 5th, Staff Sergeant Donald Van Gundy, of Spokane, Washington, completed his 25th mission, the first man to conclude his tour of operations in this Group. Sgt. Van Gundy has won the Air Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters and the Distinguished Flying Cross. He had participated in such famous missions as those against Stuttgart, Hanover, LaPallice, and Regensburg. Regensburg was the highlight of the shuttle flight to Africa. Van Gundy is officially credited with one enemy fighter plane.

To the air crews, Van Gundy's achievement gave proof that there was a good chance that other fliers would "live to tell the tale." To the ground crews it became a source of pride that they might now consider the Group and themselves as veterans in the ETO, participants of much destruction delivered to the German war machine?and the spirits of everyone on the base went up. They felt a share of Van Gundy's success. A score of other Combat men had equalled Van Gundy's record before the end of 1943.

From The 388th At War by Ed Huntzinger

Group 388-A Sorties
RowSerialNameMsnNameSqdrMsnOutcomeGroupPlanned Position
142-30851 Little Boy Blue12Penton 56018Completed388-ALo-1-1
242-31149 My Day3Comella 5603Completed388-ALo-1-2
342-30195 Blind Date26Flanigan 5603Completed388-ALo-1-3
442-39842 Miss Lace2Tobias 5603Completed388-ALo-2-1
542-5899 Sioux City Queen23Kempton 5604Completed388-ALo-2-2
642-30214 Iza Angel 10Reed 5602Completed388-ALo-2-3
742-37849 Red X Darling4Jarrendt 56020Completed388-ALe-1-1
842-30595 Gremlin Gus II / Olin 69'ers21Olin 56016Completed388-ALe-1-2
942-31214 Return Engagement2Marcus 5604Completed388-ALe-1-3
1042-37819 Jimmy Lee3Brenner 5603Completed388-ALe-2-1
1142-31126 3Hughes 5601A-Mech388-ALe-2-2
1242-37878 Millie K1KellyP 5604Completed388-ALe-2-3
1342-5900 Virgin on the Verge13Swift 56131A-Engine388-AHi-1-1
1442-31084 7Eccleston 56130Completed388-AHi-1-2
1542-37810 5Tobin 5613Completed388-AHi-1-3
1642-30837 Ole Bassar18Todd 56118C-Fighter388-AHi-2-1
1742-31242 Patty Jo2George 5612Completed388-AHi-2-2
1842-3291 Miss Mac18DennisT 56116Completed388-AHi-2-3
1942-30640 13Poland 56117Completed388-AAb-1-1
2042-30212 Quarterback21Wohlmuth 5614Completed388-AAb-1-2
2142-31209 Janie BB3Bianchi 5613A-Engine388-AAb-1-3
2242-30778 Lady Margaret / Old 6616Mouat 56114Completed388-AStandby
2342-39804 Bad Penny3Evans 5611Completed388-AStandby
2442-39894 Boomerang Barbara4BaileyRM 5613Completed388-AStandby
Group 388-B Sorties
RowSerialNameMsnNameSqdrMsnOutcomeGroupPlanned Position
142-39861 Ramp Tramp5Rodgers 56231Completed388-BLo-1-1
242-30986 3Rubottom 5622A-Engine388-BLo-1-2
342-37886 Blitzing Betsy1RamseyL 5623Completed388-BLo-1-3
442-30829 The Princess Pat17Pack 56218Completed388-BLo-2-1
542-37839 Strato Express3Island 5624Completed388-BLo-2-2
642-31115 Hells Belles4Clark 5622Completed388-BLo-2-3
742-31135 Susy Sag Tits1Willson 56217Completed388-BLe-1-1
842-30661 Veni Vidi Vici13Moore1 56218Completed388-BLe-1-2
942-31163 A Good Ship and A Happy Ship4MontgomeryA1 5628Completed388-BLe-1-3
1042-31253 Tom Paine4Sigurdson 5624Completed388-BLe-2-1
1142-30793 Tom Paine8Hennessy 5622A-Oxygen388-BLe-2-2
1242-3295 Wailuiku Maui / Tech Supply28Gridley 5622Completed388-BLe-2-3
1342-3285 Captain Joe15GunnJG 56316Completed388-BHi-1-1
1442-3548 Little Willie14Obenschain 56317Completed388-BHi-1-2
1542-39845 Hulcher's Vultures5Hulcher 5635Completed388-BHi-1-3
1642-30340 Screamin' Red Ass24Bowler 56315Completed388-BHi-2-1
1742-31138 Winged Fury4Keirsted 5634Completed388-BHi-2-2
1842-31131 Satan's Sister3CarlsonA 5633Completed388-BHi-2-3
1942-37773 Full House4Joho 56317L-Bovingdon388-BAb-1-1
2042-30350 19Moyers 5634C-Flak388-BAb-1-2
2142-31137 Classy Chassy4NelsonE 5633Completed388-BAb-1-3
2242-31103 Pegasus II6MillerC 56315Completed388-BStandby
2342-37853 Miss Fury4DavisW 5621Completed388-BStandby
2442-31176 Flak Suit 4DeJean 5632Completed388-BStandby
Sortie Crews
RowAircraftCrewPilotCopilotNavigatorBombardierRadio OpEngineerBall TurretRight WaistLeft WaistTail GunnerCommanderGrp NavMickeyJammerPhotoNose GunnerOther
142-30851 Penton G. K. Penton W. R. Wysaske C. E. Podlasky W. J. Hyde L. G. Swenson H. D. Spencer J. C. Schroeder R. E. Powless E. M. Miner J. L. Rainey
242-31149 Comella P. J. Comella G. M. Claypool W. N. Aunspaugh C. C. Bellfy F. C. Pilato P. R. Sacco J. E. Mont J. Payne L. J. Pfeiffer F. C. Zagrovich
342-30195 Flanigan J. G. Flanigan C. E. Malmberg B. F. Snead T. Hense R. J. Waltz F. Huffman J. R. McCormack O. W. Harned H. Stein O. J. Olson
442-39842 Tobias L. T. Tobias W. E. Yurkutat H. J. Gotha A. Hano N. W. McIntyre R. W. Eldridge F. R. Albers J. W. Chambers D. L. Porter D. J. McGowan
542-5899 Kempton N. P. Kempton P. E. Davis S. A. Plytynski H. A. McKenna H. B. Nicholson E. W. Taddeo W. C. Norton L. J. Mostardi J. J. Filipowski M. J. Braniff
642-30214 Reed R. F. Reed W. E. Osness D. D. Jacobs C. W. McCollester H. J. Jones W. T. Morse W. J. Rowling B. E. Ferrici J. J. Chinni J. J. Kozlowski
742-37849 Jarrendt R. T. Jarrendt D. P. Davidson R. J. Pomeroy C. F. Hoff J. F. Tierney E. J. Forsta W. W. Hovatter E. E. Cunningham G. N. Kastoll empty R. E. Bynum
842-30595 Olin R. J. Olin W. W. Lentz J. F. Fanta R. L. Jarvis A. R. Bennett A. V. Hughes M. C. Jacobson A. J. Kisalus L. F. Briggs F. H. Belcher
942-31214 Marcus A. Marcus R. W. Owens G. T. Dustin J. D. Pond W. R. Thompson I. L. Mooney A. J. Giangreco R. H. Perdue E. W. Rehder C. W. Hash
1042-37819 Brenner W. W. Brenner W. H. Colgan W. N. Skiff W. R. LaForce J. Strauser F. G. Marcusson E. L. Sublette H. Monette D. R. Maitland C. B. Blair
1142-31126 Hughes C. L. Hughes A. B. Johnston L. N. Mensch M. E. Wiles F. W. Mayo M. M. Magnarelli L. E. Paup J. R. Willis K. W. Wheeler W. J. Klik
1242-37878 KellyP P. J. Kelly J. B. Corzette R. B. Wiley J. Weinstein E. P. Bishop T. E. Lambert P. H. Young J. E. Zimmerman S. B. Crawford A. L. Jenkins
1342-5900 Swift P. Swift C. E. Tipper P. Arbon O. R. Bowman J. W. Taylor B. C. Erickson R. W. Circle D. O. VanGundy A. Potter R. J. Ponton
1442-31084 Eccleston K. L. Eccleston R. F. Bissonette empty T. L. Toolin G. B. Doyle D. F. Holliman J. J. Molinari C. A. Bein I. Clark D. L. Ceely J. M. Morrissey
1542-37810 Tobin W. L. Tobin P. K. Schou J. W. DuPrey E. L. Hogan H. E. Koeth M. J. Zumbolo G. A. Peterson R. E. Hill B. A. Wiberg J. L. Deal
1642-30837 Todd P. A. Todd C. D. Willingham R. D. Bowman R. A. Lull A. K. Stiles C. J. Simco W. L. Morris A. E. Mathieu H. M. Schuman J. R. Douglas W. E. Davis
1742-31242 George M. F. George W. R. Turner I. C. Fitschen S. A. Kaufman H. J. Watts W. R. Reed F. V. Kaspar R. D. Stephens T. O. Mahon H. I. Leibowitz
1842-3291 DennisT T. A. Dennis S. B. Warden H. Spohrer R. D. DeLoughary T. J. Morey E. H. Hewes D. W. Wisser W. F. Barrett E. P. Moyer R. W. Rowan
1942-30640 Poland H. V. Poland E. T. Quill F. O. Rodda W. D. Fore F. D. Richardson W. C. Norton D. Riotto J. B. Blatz F. J. Smith E. A. Reed
2042-30212 Wohlmuth F. Wohlmuth C. G. Phillips R. V. Fales R. VanBruggen E. R. Curtis T. A. Thornton L. G. Manuel H. P. Courchesne L. C. VanVynckt G. G. Schweiger
2142-31209 Bianchi M. P. Bianchi T. L. Reese G. W. Hornaday H. E. Kelley E. F. Claypless L. R. Nordstrom N. B. Nichols E. S. Wolf J. K. Mason J. H. Marshall
2242-30778 Mouat J. C. Mouat H. R. Sampson H. R. Vague M. L. Ehrenreich M. W. Thomson E. J. English B. A. Johnson L. O'Dolan T. E. Morton W. C. McVey
2342-39804 Evans P. C. Evans L. C. Heatly W. J. DeVine J. W. Strong W. J. McAllister S. Jacobson C. Falba C. M. Stewart J. McAleenan W. T. McDermott
2442-39894 BaileyRM R. M. Bailey R. D. McKeel empty H. G. Ward W. J. Watson J. J. Stankevich A. Soriano E. W. Pfanner W. A. Marcario A. R. Smith J. E. Ballord
2542-39861 Rodgers H. J. Rodgers P. B. Lewis K. H. Betts S. B. Smith J. E. Hallam E.L. Franklin E. C. Pawlicki K. Hill W. D. Sawyer J. S. Ford
2642-30986 Rubottom R. L. Rubottom E. V. Alander J. C. Wight H. S. Scott J. A. Ryan R. C. Surdam S. G. Niotta W. E. Mastin H. R. Muesse R. C. McNally
2742-37886 RamseyL L. A. Ramsey C. G. Boneske D. G. Davis R. N. Lumley R. A. Teske M. F. Vecchio G. Piegaro C. E. Billado F. W. Meyers J. Myor
2842-30829 Pack A. B. Pack J. W. Wenzell R. S. Izat T. Hudson A. G. Christensen M. A. Pompilio L. F. McClain W. N. Rice T. A. Watson M. A. Jagers
2942-37839 Island R. E. Island J. P. Gallien W. H. Travis R. A. Palmer L. C. Parrish R. L. Sanders W. W. Wiggins F. L. Brunty O. A. Morris H. G. Woods
3042-31115 Clark H. E. Clark R. W. Young K. J. Troumpalos P. Schwartz E. H. Stanley H. L. Wuerflein W. D. Krommes L. D. Mills H. W. Huntley J. S. Maslow
3142-31135 Willson I. M. Willson C. P. Seymour J. M. Flor C. M. Zettick B. J. Miazgowicz J. Serbin F. J. Hajjar W. H. Bemme J W. Busse empty G. E. Goodman
3242-30661 Moore1 H. W. Moore D. B. Herbert R. L. Garretson R. J. Burda J. J. Kirby M. G. Meyers H. M. Gaines H. M. Bragg L. B. Watson C. Peak
3342-31163 MontgomeryA A. R. Montgomery R. R. Tyler H. B. Carpenter J. P. Driscoll R. R. Anliker D. A. Thomas G. D. Nye R. C. Tranter R. E. Oda R. W. Buckler
3442-31253 Sigurdson T. A. Sigurdson S. C. Gundy S. I. Simon M. C. Greve R. J. Fanning F. W. Miller A. Jusewicz J. H. Riedel V. L. Rhoda B. A. Howe
3542-30793 Hennessy F. P. Hennessy E. I. Neft C. C. Richardson S. C. Mink J. J. Lynch L. F. Pursley J. L. McCullough J. H. Mack H. C. Weeks M. O. Moore
3642-3295 Gridley C. A. Gridley J. R. Cyphers E. C. Garey D. F. Mecum G. Hockenberry J. H. Parker D. E. Liebman J. L. Moffatt B. F. Tucker S. Thompson
3742-3285 GunnJG J. G. Gunn A. G. Castner R. L. Smith A. Haspel F. J. Ambrose D. L. Galbraith W. J. Adams A. Gottesman P. Scriffagnano C. B. Bell Col C. P. Cabell
3842-3548 Obenschain R. O. Obenschain J. B. Warner J. P. Ostler D. C. Withrow H. Quick D. M. Hatfield R. J. Dalton G. J. Pingicer J. R. Lopes F. Pasbrig
3942-39845 Hulcher W. E. Hulcher W. H. Williams J. J. Azzarelli F. A. Dunphy C. N. Rush R. C. Moore R. R. Preleyko V. Pachter L. G. Osborn R. W. Mier
4042-30340 Bowler W. K. Bowler W. M. Bull R. J. Fullaway B. A. Manno M. Bejma D. E. Walthill R. T. Patterson W. D. Condren C. F. Hoagland F. C. Kerr unknown
4142-31138 Keirsted B. J. Keirsted C. E. Conklin P. Brejansky K. J. Keith L. Goldstein N. D. Gallagher E. W. Kozacek J. C. Kings E. V. Lewelling R. Miller
4242-31131 CarlsonA A. W. Carlson B. H. Scoggin J. R. Bassler E. F. Slentz D. Letter H. L. Hawkins F. S. Brincat C. H. Parizo J. A. Neal R. E. Scalley
4342-37773 Joho H. E. Joho J. F. McKenna T. F. Murphy E. G. Cordes B. W. Ruby D. M. Streeter E. J. Thomas G. W. Taylor R. F. Wilson A. A. Wilson
4442-30350 Moyers R. W. Moyers D. Kaegi J. L. Condon C. A. Camuzzi F. W. Bremmer A. Pasque H. B. Knowles W. F. Tomasek B. Berg G. W. Wilson
4542-31137 NelsonE E. C. Nelson J. D. Moon B. Berman R. M. Hamer F. C. McAllister W. E. Vanderhaak K. C. Whelen R. A. Mitchell W. E. Garris P. B. Nicholson
4642-31103 MillerC C. B. Miller J. D. McGovern J. T. Brown K. M. Kelley J. E. Lower L. G. Thibodeau R. E. Ratley C. R. Sinclair B. J. Shaw S. R. de Vries
4742-37853 DavisW W. S. Davis D. R. Orlitzki C. B. Goodie J. I. Fullerton C. J. Gough E. T. Van Every E. Cremer J. G. Janis J. J. Callison E. M. Jasper
4842-31176 DeJean G. A. DeJean E. J. Kraus J. S. Pelle L. M. Gerow R. Hopper J. W. Mitchell F. J. Motschmann W. H. Hager M. Novick A. C. Harper
Row          Source              Type    ArticleAuthorPage          Description           Notes
1388th Bomb Group BookNarrativesEdward Phillips89history of the 388th
2388th Anthology Volume I BookHard Luck and BackPaul Arbon67collection of stories of 388th veterans
3In the Beginning -Little Willie Click to display pdf fileLittle WillieJ. B. Warner1Obenschain Crewxx
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