Duties of several officers were changed in April, 1945 as a result ofthe activation on the 15th of 434th Air Service Group, assigned to Station 136. Several small units operating on this base in conjunction with the 388thBombardment Group were de-activated and their personnel transferred to thenew Service Group, along with scores of officers and men hitherto assignedto the bomb squadrons. Personnel and duties of the 452nd Sub Depot, the 29thStation Complement, the 273rd Medical Dispensary Aviation (RS), the 1751stOrdnance S and N Col, and the 1284th Military POlice Co. were largely absorbedby the three squadrons of the 434th Air Service Group; and the remnant of suchpersonnel were transferred to the bomb group

Activation of the new service group was to facilitate transfer of the twomajor units of AAF Station 136 when their duties in this theater are completed,and to consolidate organization for possible operations in the Pacific war zone.

Source The History of the 388th Bomb Group by Edward L. Phillips

Last NameFirst NameMiddle NameDutyUnitRankDOBBirth CityBirth StateHometownHome StateDODOutcomeDeptMOSBranch
Brundage Roy(NMI)Fire Fighter434Sgt.  Aphr
Canter DelbertB.Military Police434Pfc.04 Dec 20HockingOHMurray CityOH14 Mar 95677
Carpenter JohnDriver434 01 Apr 89
Carter HaroldClerk434 05 Nov 83055
Casey EdgarA.Commanding Officer434Maj.10 Dec 19station defenseLebanonIN23 Oct 032110Inf
Chase FrederickM.Fire Fighter434Tec5 RocklandMA01 Nov 83AphrEngineering383
Cunningham JohnDriver434 09 Oct 63931
Dunlap Ralph(NMI)Electrician434Sgt.21 Sep 22BergooWV 078
Gentille RichardJ.Parachute Rigger434Sgt. ChampaignIL 620
Ham Leon F.Parachute Rigger4341st Lt.10 May 14BenkelmanNEOmahaNE11 Mar 70620FA
Lusk RalphJ.Military Police434S/Sgt.  677