MISSION #144, Ruhland (Frantic-Russia) June 21, 1944.

All heavy bombers of the 8th Air Force attacked Berlin except the two Combat Wings to hit the Synthetic Oil Refinery at Ruhland South of Berlin. These were to fly on to Russia. The 388th furnished an A Group plus the low and high squadrons of a Composite Group, led by the 452nd BG. Our A Group led the 45th Combat Wing and the Composite Group was low Group in the 13th B Combat Wing. The two Combat Wings, plus an escort of P-51's, after attacking the Target; continued on across Germany and Poland to land at bases in Russia. This was the first shuttle raid from England.

21 A/C plus 2 PFF A/C were airborne by 0545 hours. 8 A/C of the Composite Group were airborne by 0525 hours. 2 A/C of the A Group returned as spares and 1 A/C of the Composite Group, Lt. Gauthier, aborted with a runaway prop on #1 engine.

Formations were effected without difficulty and the Combat Wings proceeded to the Target as briefed. Weather over the Target was CAVU. Bombs were away at 1030 hours from 20,000 feet and the Composite Group at 1043 hours from 19,000 feet. Strike photos show a "shack".

Meager flak was encountered over the Target, Brandenburg and Warsaw. Moderate flak was encountered at Cuxhaven and Biala Podlaska, Poland. Our escort broke up the attack of enemy a/c in the vicinity of Biala Podlaska.

All of our A/C landed at the assigned Easter Command Base except one which landed at Kiev. Flight time on this mission was 11 hours 40 minutes.

From The 388th At War by Ed Huntzinger

Key Personnel
Command PilotA. Old452nd BG
Deputy LeadW. B. DavidG. Goodman
Lead PilotR. E. Oswald452nd BG
Lead NavigatorE. E. Egaas452nd BG
Lead BombardierC. M. Zettek452nd BG
Group 388-A Sorties
RowSerialNameMsnNameSqdrMsnOutcomeGroupPlanned Position
142-102493 Inside Man5McArthurD 56124Completed388-ALo-1-1
242-102626 Ol Faithful18Hanuschak 56130Completed388-ALo-1-2
342-31760 Ikky Poo35McFarlane 56126Completed388-ALo-1-3
442-97172 40McNicol 56136Final388-ALo-2-1
542-97937 1Caffee 56115C-Poltava388-ALo-2-2
644-6123 Girl of My Dreams12Rowe 56110Completed388-ALo-2-3
742-97666 Wolf Wagon12Oswald 5630Completed388-ALe-1-1
8PFF-534 1Samson 56122Completed388-ALe-1-2
942-107134 Round Trip29Galyon 56321C-Poltava388-ALe-1-3
1042-107202 Belle of the Brawl8Prendergast 56332Completed388-ALe-2-1
1142-97832 Fairman Willie20Brunk 56333C-Poltava388-ALe-2-2
1242-97873 Sack Happy4Bottenfield 56310Completed388-ALe-2-3
1344-6096 Lady Courageous15Littlejohn 56029Completed388-AHi-1-1
1442-102870 Chistlin Daddies8Fitzpatrick 56016C-Poltava388-AHi-1-2
1543-37617 Betty Ann1Deskin 5604Completed388-AHi-1-3
1642-31577 Aquila50LittleG 56026C-Poltava388-AHi-2-1
1742-107062 Worry Bird / Miss Bea Haven7Snedeker 5608Completed388-AHi-2-2
1842-38187 Princess Azul38Malaniak 56011C-Poltava388-AHi-2-3
1942-97286 Skipper & the Kids / Rough Deal32Gothard 56031Completed388-AHi-3-1
2042-31769 Cock of the Walk36Boyce 56328Completed388-ALe-3-1
2142-37844 39Ramsay 56129C-Poltava388-ALo-3-1
Group 388-B Sorties
RowSerialNameMsnNameSqdrMsnOutcomeGroupPlanned Position
142-31996 War Weary / Lady Lylian53Saunders 5637A-Legal388-Bstandby
243-37685 Slaves Dream4Fornell 5625A-Legal388-Bstandby
342-102666 Wizard of Oz18Colburn 56212C-Poltava388-BLo-1-1
442-31973 45Muirhead 56227C-Poltava388-BLo-1-2
542-31802 Gyndia21Gauthier 5629A-Engine388-BLo-1-3
643-37635 Captain Jim7Maehr 56213Completed388-BLo-2-1
742-102953 Sky Anne6Head1 56227Completed388-BHi-1-1
842-107198 36Barry 56229C-Poltava388-BHi-1-2
943-37592 9BeattyH1 56211C-Poltava388-BHi-1-3
1042-106989 Miss Adventure19Maple 56326Completed388-BHi-2-1
Sortie Crews
RowAircraftCrewPilotCopilotNavigatorBombardierRadio OpEngineerBall TurretRight WaistLeft WaistTail GunnerCommanderGrp NavMickeyJammerPhotoNose GunnerOther
142-102493 McArthurD D. G. McArthur S. O. Zades G. T. Miller C. A. Meyer R. R. Ward J. P. VanVactor H. G. Evans empty W. J. Kuhn B. E. Larson C. R. Davis
242-102626 Hanushak S. Hanuschak N. J. Phillips H. V. Nations J. R. Hamilton S. Simon R. F. Shroats V. P. Piasecki empty C. C. Gilluly V. H. Clausen D. H. Fay
342-31760 McFarlane K. C. McFarlane J. A. DeRidder J. J. Lynah A. Milano D. W. Mortimer R. F. Nelson H. L. Nielson A. J. Sala empty R. A. Weldon D. I. Painter
442-97172 McNichol J. A. McNicol F. S. Lewis S. S. Arnoff H. B. Tingey L. B. Gill W. W. Whitecotton J. J. Marandino J. J. Roberts empty T. H. Cook M. T. Baker
542-97937 Caffee J. P. Caffee R. H. Goodlette M. F. Robb C. N. Maxwell G. A. Wilbur G. Pilgrim D. A. Kienstra empty D. Williams F. E. Fulks J. R. Sturdevant
644-6123 Rowe R. M. Rowe R. S. Stewart F. H. Sanborn W. G. Collins J. H. Anderson A. W. Maurer D. L. Nelson G. T. Crowder M. L. Wilder E. Crawford M. L. Wilder
742-97666 Oswald R. E. Oswald R. W. Kazmarick L. A. Egaas C. M. Zettek J. J. Hyjek J. M. Hughes PFFJ. D. McGaw R. J. Krall empty Col. A. J. Old R. E. Anderson Jones
8PFF-534 Samson C. Samson empty M. C. Casebere J. W. Godwin C. T. Fleming A. Parsons PFFO. D. Hanan O. D. Wildman empty W. B. David W. S. Snyder C. M. Pierce H. A. Wied
942-107134 Galyon R. C. Gaylon R. Lewis L. E. Jorgensen D. J. Hoppa E. S. Salas C. Ugaldea P. O. Hollis R. Bahnmiller empty W. J. Evans A. A. Chaffin
1042-107202 Prendergast F. C. Prendergast D. E. Riddle J. P. Spataro C. L. Pietrzak I. Amarnick J. E. Daugherty R. H. Thompson V. E. Parker empty G. B. Porterfield F. J. Henggeler
1142-97832 Brunk W. J. Brunk C. N. Cory J. J. Ryan R. J. O'Brien W. F. Bozzay J. M. Abernathy W. F. McGuire empty V. M. Ruiz P. L. Sullivan J. J. Cockerill
1242-97873 Bottenfield V. W. Bottenfield H. Andrews J. L. Barcus T. S. Matthews G. F. Hartle D. L. Robison N. F. Powell R. D. Garzarelli empty H. B. Knoche I. J. Jones
1344-6096 Littlejohn J. N. Littlejohn E. I. Tucker A. F. Nicholson R. F. Nelson H. E. Minor J. S. Sirgo M. L. Ansbach J. E. Murphy empty N. J. Liuzza Madsen
1442-102870 Fitzpatrick J. C. Fitzpatrick W. J. Venor J. Sorman J. A. Dupray F. W. Simon J. S. Puckett R. R. Ramsey C. E. Patterson Q. R. Nicastro A. Fusillo M. M. Gillispie
1543-37617 Deskin T. O. Deskin C. P. Moore W. A. Dodson G. A. Marquess H. F. Carzon R. E. Graeff R. H. Grumblatt J. F. Browder empty S. C. Perla L. G. Burkett W. J. Tyska
1642-31577 LittleG G. A. Little L. N. Tilley E. R. Goldstein C. Drillick J. Burdis H. W. Seland O. E. Kinsey W. S. Lipinsky W. Severson R. F. Rowcroft J. F. Van Horn
1742-107062 Snedeker K. L. Snedeker J. W. Baird F. J. Renze C. E. Trimble W. T. Casey A. C. Brodnax H. W. Coles empty C. Cook L. E. Nowlan Riley
1842-38187 Malaniak W. H. Malaniak A. L. Brinkoeter L. D. Ramos A. L. Force R. Grey N. W. Thomas J. McCluskey empty H. V. Hagerty J. M. Bennett P. Matthews
1942-97286 Gothard J. T. Gothard R. S. McCarty E. Rudenstein D. E. Jackson H. K. Felman J. R. Knox J. W. Fristoe empty R. E. Marcelle F. C. Crawford A. L. Polworth
2042-31769 Boyce R. C. Boyce D. D. Hornsby E. A. Lawless J. Graves J. C. Turpen A. K. Japhet K. H. Ernster N. V. Hubbert C. E. Leitz empty C. E. Ziebell
2142-37844 Ramsay W. G. Ramsay J. A. Brotherton D. R. Murphree A. E. Haar W. B. Hermann C. Holdrum J. R. Cox S. C. Wallis L. J. Romino empty S/Sgt Stanfold
2242-31996 Saunders R. E. Saunders M. J. Nocher J. F. McPherson J. R. Carroll D. E. Wilson S. S. Chastain J. L. Irwin E. C. Whitworth empty J. G. Murray
2343-37685 Fornell A. H. Fornell S. A. Driggers S. DeLeon M. Baumkana E. J. Shimko J. M. Nieradka C. E. Sprague empty W. C. Kriska R. E. Murray
2442-102666 Colburn J. W. Colburn C. R. Weekes M. H. Neiman R. E. Simmon G. E. Kragle W. R. Tobias R. F. Ryan empty L. W. Granath F. E. Nutt O. M. Price
2542-31973 Muirhead B. M. Muirhead R. G. Pendergast S. Reiner J. L. Thomas J. R. Brumbaugh J. E. Rawlins N. Duncan H. A. Damman empty J. F. Rabun D. E. Jensen
2642-31802 Gauthier J. P. Gauthier R. M. Reese A. C. Weidenbusch H. J. Montevideo A. C. Smith S. E. Vann E. Forti empty J. W. Dorion B. E. Smith N. Asch
2743-37635 Maehr E. G. Maehr E. J. Hallam L. W. Rodenhouse R. A. Young J. C. Ramsey R. D. Upham A. V. Falzarano J. E. Schultz J. D. King W. C. Caughron
2842-102953 Head1 M. A. Head M. T. Stuart F. W. Hindsley M. H. Powell J. A. DeSantas E. M. Crossin J. Herera J. F. Coker empty D. W. Sestak G. E. Goodman
2942-107198 Barry R. A. Barry J. L. Crider A. Freed W. H. Menger G. K. Hoyt W. A. Toles F. A. McIlwaine empty H. G. Hampton S. Paul R. C. Goss
3043-37592 BeattyH H. B. Beatty W. A. Bragg W. F. Rellstab T. C. Lio E. W. Thon J. R. Biehl J. E. Schultz Wayback L. S. Myers J. Bedosky R. D. Gillette
3142-106989 Maple H. E. Maple H. E. Duffy F. Neff A. D. Motes G. H. Nichols M. Saunders Z. G. Bordy empty V. Molina J. B. Spurling C. N. Shannon
Row          Source              Type    ArticleAuthorPage          Description           Notes
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