MISSION #131, Caen, June 6, 1944.

Preview of this Group's participation in the Allied invasion of Germany's Western Front?the coast of France, was such special orders from the 45th Combat Wing as: "Guns will be manned but not test-fired at any time." "Gunners will not fire at any airplane at any time unless being attacked. Bombing on primary targets will be carried out within time limits prescribed. Otherwise secondary or last resort targets will be bombed. No second runs will be made on the primary target. Take-offs will be accomplished according to schedule?regardless".

All available heavy bombers of the 8th Air Force were dispatched in waves to attack coastal defenses between Le Havre and Cherbourg in France. The attacks were in direct support of the Allied Invasion Forces which landed immediately after the bombing of the beach area was completed.

The 388th furnished an A and a B Group plus the low squadron of the 452nd C Group. Our A and B Groups were the first and second wave respectively, and the composite Group (452nd) was the eighth and last wave. The 388th "A" Group led the 8th AAF D-Day attacks.

16 A/C plus 2 PFF A/C of the A Group were airborne by 0227 hours. 17 A/C plus 1 PFF A/C were airborne by 0248 hours. The 6 A/C for the composite Group were off by 0254 hours. One a/c from A Group aborted for mechanical reasons. Some difficulty was encountered in forming due to darkness and because the "Buncher" went out.

The targets were attacked by PFF methods because of a complete undercast. Bombing was done by groups with squadrons line abreast. With Lt. Col. Chet Cox in the lead aircraft, they were the first to drop bombs in support of the invasion. Bombs were away at 0656 hours from 15,050 feet for A Group, and 0703 hours from 13,850 feet from the B Group. The Composite Group did not attack and returned with bombs.

No enemy a/c or flak was seen on this mission. All of our a/c returned to base by 1043 hours.

From The 388th At War by Ed Huntzinger

Key Personnel
Command PilotC. C. CoxCockerill
Deputy LeadF. J. HenggelerWilcox
Lead PilotR. J. CampbellR. E. Oswald
Lead NavigatorW. C. Carraway
Lead Bombardier
Group 388-A Sorties
RowSerialNameMsnNameSqdrMsnOutcomeGroupPlanned Position
142-107202 Belle of the Brawl5Heimendinger 56313Completed388-ALo-1-1
242-97171 Fourth Term / Raider Maiden32Barnes 56319Completed388-ALo-1-2
344-6102 Cicero Kid2Bottenfield 5631Completed388-ALo-1-3
442-107134 Round Trip21Galyon 56314Completed388-ALo-2-1
544-6106 Gremlin's Hideout1Boyce 56319Completed388-ALo-2-2
642-97820 True Love11Schneider 56318Completed388-ALo-2-3
742-97542 City of Savannah9CampbellRJ 5600Completed388-ALe-1-1
842-32004 Pride o the Yanks50Andrecheck 56013Completed388-ALe-1-2
942-37849 Red X Darling56Malaniak 5603Completed388-ALe-1-3
1042-31577 Aquila40Gabler 56018Completed388-ALe-2-1
1142-30195 Blind Date66LittleG 56018Completed388-ALe-2-2
1244-6096 Lady Courageous4Fitzpatrick 5608Completed388-ALe-2-3
13  1Kneemeyer 5620Completed388-AHi-1-1
1442-102666 Wizard of Oz9Houghton 56220Completed388-AHi-1-2
1542-97184 Lady Godiva32Maehr 5622Completed388-AHi-1-3
1642-97210 Jamaica Ginger29Prendergast 56325Completed388-AHi-2-1
1742-107198 26BeattyH1 5623A-Engine388-AHi-2-2
1842-30625 Joho's Jokers44Cooke 56312Completed388-AHi-2-3
Group 388-B Sorties
RowSerialNameMsnNameSqdrMsnOutcomeGroupPlanned Position
142-102953 Sky Anne2Koontz 56215Completed388-BLo-1-1
242-107085 Little Chum31Bryant 5628Completed388-BLo-1-2
343-37520 G I Jane2Colburn 5625Completed388-BLo-1-3
442-97132 Silver Lady / Double Trouble56White 56219Completed388-BLo-2-1
542-102696 Midge10Jordan 56220Completed388-BLo-2-2
644-6091 Lotta Bull5Muirhead 56217Completed388-BLo-2-3
742-97666 Wolf Wagon8Oswald 5630Completed388-BLe-1-1
842-37844 30McArthurD 56115Completed388-BLe-1-2
942-102626 Ol Faithful10Hanks 56122Completed388-BLe-1-3
1042-37878 Millie K56Hayden 56129Completed388-BLe-2-1
1142-102589 9Hanuschak 56122Completed388-BLe-2-2
1242-30595 Gremlin Gus II / Olin 69'ers54Rowe 5613Completed388-BLe-2-3
1344-6123 Girl of My Dreams1Keck 56131Completed388-BHi-1-1
1442-3518 Lady Lilyan41Sarten 5612Completed388-BHi-1-2
1542-3262 Sweetheart / Willie Wildcat50McFarlane 56118Completed388-BHi-1-3
1642-102493 Inside Man2Thayer 561/56221Completed388-BHi-2-1
1742-31996 War Weary / Lady Lylian43Fowler2 56111Completed388-BHi-2-2
1842-97172 30McNicol 56128Completed388-BHi-2-3
Group 388-C Sorties
RowSerialNameMsnNameSqdrMsnOutcomeGroupPlanned Position
142-97289 Haughty Hazy II7Samson 56120Completed388-CLo-1-1
242-30851 Little Boy Blue74Pohl 56032Completed388-CLo-1-2
343-37523 1Newell 5607Completed388-CLo-1-3
442-97219 Reuel's Revenge27Bonuccelli 56027Completed388-CLo-2-1
542-31039 Mis Fortune36ThompsonR 56041Completed388-CLo-2-2
642-97286 Skipper & the Kids / Rough Deal21Gothard 56022Completed388-CLo-2-3
Sortie Crews
RowAircraftCrewPilotCopilotNavigatorBombardierRadio OpEngineerBall TurretRight WaistLeft WaistTail GunnerCommanderGrp NavMickeyJammerPhotoNose GunnerOther
142-107202 Heimendinger J. Heimendinger Q. E. Gray J. D. Edwards H. F. Knight W. J. Hutter W. J. Vacho J. G. Reina A. Sirmer G. J. Hatley F. Pfrimmer
242-97171 Barnes G. A. Barnes E. T. Hadley H. R. Howarth C. G. Neff W. J. Kattner G. B. Whitaker R. L. Miller J. F. Knott P. E. Brookbank J. J. Blundell
344-6102 Bottenfield V. W. Bottenfield H. Andrews J. L. Barcus T. S. Matthews G. F. Hartle D. L. Robison N. F. Powell R. D. Garzarelli F. P. Serio H. B. Knoche
442-107134 Galyon R. C. Gaylon R. Lewis L. E. Jorgensen D. J. Hoppa E. S. Salas C. Ugaldea P. O. Hollis R. Bahnmiller E. Swanson W. J. Evans
544-6106 Boyce R. C. Boyce D. D. Hornsby E. A. Lawless J. Graves J. C. Turpen A. K. Japhet K. H. Ernster N. V. Hubbert C. E. Leitz L. V. Tonelli
642-97820 Schneider A. E. Schneider T. Morrison N. B. Schloss L. Starer K. J. Yearian W. A. Rodehaver M. W. Peters R. L. Rodman J. F. Harding H. Schoeman
742-97542 CampbellRJ R. J. Campbell R. M. Tucker S. W. Mitrick J. W. Maher D. D. McIntyre A. D. Kawalec PFFE. L. Grindle B. Brooks M. A. Johns C. C. Cox W. C. Carraway R. H. Uhlinger
842-32004 Andrecheck J. P. Andrecheck J. L. Patrick R. Gorman R. E. Brown A. W. Schumacher R. A. Hughes D. R. Payton F. L. Erickson J. K. Bell C. F. Trower R. Harrison
942-37849 Malaniak W. H. Malaniak A. L. Brinkoeter L. D. Ramos A. L. Force R. Grey N. W. Thomas J. McCluskey W. W. Klemm H. V. Hagerty J. M. Bennett
1042-31577 Gabler J. J. Gabler R. W. Kaufmann D. L. McGee H. M. Hill J. T. Middleton W. F. Keinath R. W. MacKay R. B. Cassidy L. J. Miller C. J. Potenga
1142-30195 LittleG G. A. Little L. N. Tilley T. D. Kimbrill L. S. Lubitz J. Burdis H. W. Seland O. E. Kinsey J. Ramirez W. Severson R. F. Rowcroft
1244-6096 Fitzpatrick J. C. Fitzpatrick W. J. Venor J. Sorman J. A. Dupray J. W. Chambers H. C. Kellner R. R. Ramsey C. E. Patterson Q. R. Nicastro F. C. Zagrovich
13PFF-627 Kneemeyer R. B. Kneemeyer R. E. Allen W. M. Kline J. P. Waters R. A. DeMarce R. J. Oxley PFFJ. P. Dunn S. J. Fabitich K. L. Gray F. J. Henggeler T. S. McKinley
1442-102666 Houghton D. G. Houghton J. M. Carr A. C. Bolino C. M. Kemp K. L. Fitz R. J. Vogt R. E. Kerns J. J. Hollister S. S. Catalina H. W. Knoll T. A. Bussy
1542-97184 Maehr E. G. Maehr E. J. Hallam L. W. Rodenhouse R. A. Young J. C. Ramsey R. D. Upham P. H. Hyde A. V. Falzarano J. D. King W. C. Caughron
1642-97210 Prendergast F. C. Prendergast D. E. Riddle J. P. Spataro C. L. Pietrzak I. Amarnick J. E. Daugherty R. H. Thompson V. E. Parker D. E. Stickles G. B. Porterfield
1742-107198 BeattyH H. B. Beatty W. A. Bragg W. F. Rellstab T. C. Lio E. W. Thon J. R. Biehl J. E. Schultz P. A. Kassen L. S. Myers J. Bedosky
1842-30625 Cooke C. T. Cooke H. B. Howson H. E. Miller E. W. Bonnet W. P. Wilkinson R. T. Landis R. E. Peterson L. J. Lazzara M. E. Mallet F. A. Perry
1942-102953 Koontz J. C. Koontz E. W. Duch R. M. Howe H. B. Bingham K. F. Hintz J. W. Woodward R. A. Fogg R. H. Weber J. S. Kazmirski E. J. Paul
2042-107085 Bryant C. H. Bryant E. W. Calo R. W. Morgan R. E. Little J. R. Conde R. N. Morgan C. A. Reynolds R. J. Ray C. E. Walkovich R. C. Boese
2143-37520 Colburn J. W. Colburn unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown
2242-97132 White W. T. White C. A. Ludwig J. D. Bowser J. Pakiz P. G. Hauschild A. B. Perry K. V. Krahnbuhl E. R. Harris R. Anzalone R. M. Fritzley
2342-102696 Jordan S. L. Jordan W. Mehallick W. J. Kane F. O. Knott C. C. Magioris G. D. Garrett H. J. Alvarez V. J. Lacey J. W. Zaronka J. Greaney
2444-6091 Muirhead B. M. Muirhead R. G. Pendergast S. Reiner J. L. Thomas J. R. Brumbaugh J. E. Rawlins N. Duncan H. A. Damman empty J. F. Rabun
2542-97666 Oswald R. E. Oswald R. W. Kazmarick W. S. Snyder D. C. Hart J. J. Hyjek J. M. Hughes PFFJ. D. McGaw R. J. Krall R. E. Taylor J. J. Cockerill R. E. Anderson
2642-37844 McArthurD D. G. McArthur S. O. Zades G. T. Miller C. A. Meyer R. R. Ward J. P. VanVactor H. G. Evans P. F. Wilkinson W. J. Kuhn B. E. Larson
2742-102626 Hanks C. L. Hanks G. C. Peterson C. R. Mulvey D. B. McKee T. F. Petrochko D. M. Rainsford C. T. Wright J. F. Smith J. T. Pollio R. DeGore
2842-37878 Hayden D. C. Hayden L. J. Decuir E. J. Popielazs J. Zographos L. S. Cadena H. E. Johnson A. I. Prescott J. R. Hunn J. L. Chambers J. R. Devlin
2942-102589 Hanushak S. Hanuschak N. J. Phillips H. V. Nations J. R. Hamilton S. Simon R. F. Shroats V. P. Piasecki B. D. Brynildsen C. C. Gilluly V. H. Clausen
3042-30595 Rowe R. M. Rowe R. S. Stewart F. H. Sanborn W. G. Collins J. H. Anderson A. W. Maurer D. L. Nelson G. T. Crowder R. J. McIntyre E. Crawford
3144-6123 Keck E. L. Keck empty S. D. Loving E. G. Henderson F. J. Sedita A. Lafleche C. L. Long H. N. Becker G. E. Kistner C. E. Dennis V. L. Wilcox T. F. Gassaway
3242-3518 Sarten J. E. Sarten J. H. Pointer J. Brisken J. A. Delaney L. L. O'Sullivan R. C. Musolf J. C. O'Grady W. T. Mills C. R. Bissell G. Bollinger
3342-3262 McFarlane K. C. McFarlane J. A. DeRidder J. J. Lynah A. Milano D. W. Mortimer J. C. Biggs H. L. Nielson A. J. Sala A. W. Howard O. H. Beith
3442-102493 Thayer D. M. Thayer D. B. Kluth R. G. Spencer J. J. Kotlarz C. P. Rosson D. V. Perske D. A. Rice M. M. Muth F. O. Meehan J. M. Clemer H. N. Fisher
3542-31996 Fowler2 E. F. Fowler R. D. Pasco G. B. Seafort J. C. Wilkie P. A. Nordquest G. S. Burnap D. G. Hamlin W. P. Thompson R. R. Provencher C. F. Radcliffe
3642-97172 McNichol J. A. McNicol D. A. Williams S. S. Arnoff H. B. Tingey L. B. Gill W. W. Whitecotton J. J. Marandino J. J. Roberts H. L. Pennington T. H. Cook
3742-97289 Samson C. Samson W. L. Graham M. C. Casebere J. W. Godwin C. T. Fleming A. Parsons PFFO. D. Hanan O. D. Wildman C. C. Claggert G. A. Wilbur
3842-30851 Pohl A. F. Pohl W. M. Etter J. R. Young F. A. Hervatine A. B. Galson W. H. Bleem L. L. Carney R. G. Hay B. C. Cook F. J. Babicky
3943-37523 Newell W. C. Newell J. E. Hubbell A. L. Ender T. E. Lambert E. K. Bingham N. A. Sponheim J. L. Cofer D. E. Shaefer R. T. Hamilton W. Mitchell
4042-97219 Bonucceli A. Bonnuccelli A. Conta W. F. Kreuzer R. L. Navarro A. R. Stanton D. S. Patton T. W. Lowrance A. M. Huff R. R. Lottinville R. A. Niles
4142-31039 ThompsonR R. H. Thompson H. S. Zakowski E. F. Thomas D. T. Foley L. B. Brach D. A. Fancher A. F. McRoberts A. L. Tocci B. J. Ness W. Conowall
4242-97286 Gothard J. T. Gothard R. S. McCarty E. Rudenstein D. E. Jackson H. K. Felman J. R. Knox J. W. Fristoe R. A. Keefe R. E. Marcelle F. C. Crawford
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