MISSION #1, Amsterdam, July 17, 1943.

For the first mission, 20 a/c were airborne by 0626 hours. Col. David was the Group Leader with Major Satterwhite as Deputy Leader. The Group and Wing formation was accom?plished and the briefed route was followed with only a slight deviation at the IP. Two Groups were involved, the 388th and the 385th, with the 388th as lead.

Three a/c aborted. Lt. Eccleston in a/c 42-30193, as he had to feather #3 engine due to high oil pressure and tempera?ture; Lt. Cox in a/c 42-5906, turned back at 0740 hours at Great Ashfield with a broken oxygen line; Lt. Pickard in a/c 42-30202, returned at 0745 hours because of poor radio communications. The 21st a/c scheduled, Lt. Bernard, blew a tire on take-off.

Bombing results on the assigned target an Aircraft Factory in Amsterdam were poor. Cloud coverage was 7/10th in the target area which made it difficult to pick up the tar?get. Bombing was from 22,000 feet and the bombs landed in a congested business center. Of the 17 a/c over the tar?get, 15 dropped all of their bombs. Lt. Swift in a/c 42-5900, dropped only 6 as he had a malfunction in the rack and brought the other 4 back. Lt. Bailey in a/c 42-30207, returned with all of his bombs as he could not identify the target.

No fighter opposition was encountered with only two enemy aircraft seen. Flak was not severe with meager flak at ljmui?den on the route in and moderate flak at the target.All of our a/c returned to base by 1019 hours.

From The 388th At War by Ed Huntzinger

Anne Frank in her diary mentions that she heard the bombing from this raid

Key Personnel
Command PilotW. B. David
Deputy LeadR. Satterwhite
Lead PilotR. H. Bailey
Lead NavigatorE. E. Egaas
Lead BombardierG. Bartuska
Group 388-A Sorties
RowSerialNameMsnNameSqdrMsnOutcomeGroupPlanned Position
142-30216 Jonny1Swanson 5631Completed388-ALo-1-1
242-30230 Homesick Angel1Bobbitt 5631Completed388-ALo-1-2
342-30238 Wing and a Prayer / Classy Chassis1GunnJR 5631Completed388-ALo-1-3
442-30234 1Bernard 5631A-No Takeoff388-ALo-2-1
542-30202 1Pickard 5631A-Radio388-ALo-2-2
642-30203 Shack-Up1MillerL 5631Completed388-ALo-2-3
742-30207 Big Red1BaileyRH 5611Completed388-ALe-1-1
842-3291 Miss Mac1Penn 5611Completed388-ALe-1-2
942-5900 Virgin on the Verge1Swift 5611Completed388-ALe-1-3
1042-30209 Wee Bonnie 1PorterA 5611Completed388-ALe-2-1
1142-30205 Battlin Betsy1Kelley 5611Completed388-ALe-2-2
1242-30193 Hard Luck1Eccleston 5611A-Engine388-ALe-2-3
1342-30212 Quarterback1Denton 5621Completed388-AHi-1-1
1442-30213 Lil' One1Pfeiffer 5621Completed388-AHi-1-2
1542-30177 Charlene1Bliss 5621Completed388-AHi-1-3
1642-30317 Second Chance1Willson 5621Completed388-AHi-2-1
1742-5906 Sondra Kay1Cox 5621A-Oxygen388-AHi-2-2
1842-5898 Little Lass1WilliamsP 5621Completed388-AHi-2-3
1942-5907 Wing and a Prayer1Wisehart 5601Completed388-AAb-1-1
2042-30215 Gremlin Gus / Slightly Dangerous II1Horn 5601Completed388-AAb-1-2
2142-30214 Iza Angel 1Nagorka 5601Completed388-AAb-1-3
Sortie Crews
RowAircraftCrewPilotCopilotNavigatorBombardierRadio OpEngineerBall TurretRight WaistLeft WaistTail GunnerCommanderGrp NavMickeyJammerPhotoNose GunnerOther
142-30216 Swanson R. W. Swanson H. O. Erickson C. A. Bergheimer C. H. McCandless F. L. Ward P. E. Kinder R. C. Shaw C. J. McMenamin R. A. Hambrecht W. A. Deane F. J. Henggeler
242-30230 Bobbitt A. N. Bobbitt T. P. McCahill G. L. Amos L. A. Wiegman J. L. Duncan R. Claybburn P. W. Warren L. R. Hopwood J. Langley W. J. Hart
342-30238 GunnJB J. B. Gunn J. C. Brown H. E. VanArda E. E. Baca E. T. Switzer D. E. Fuller D. H. Babcock F. T. Guardino J. D. Reese E. L. Breeden
442-30234 Bernard R. J. Bernard A. M. Swap H. R. Lakow N. B. Nystrom J. C. Rose A. Connors E. R. Mullarney A. Bearent H. R. Kunselman M. R.. Knight
542-30202 Pickard E. E. Pickard W. S. Hooker R. J. Hoke W. N. Soderberg W. E. Togel O. W. Lewis B. F. Tucker R. T. May H. C. Oakberg D. M. Boyd
642-30203 MillerL L. M. Miller W. P. Iverson E. J. Moretti W. G. Koenig E. R. Rogowsky D. J. Barry R. M. Lee V. L. Tonelli D. A. Beckwith A. F. Suhay
742-30207 BaileyRH R. H. Bailey N. F. Schmenk L. M. Bairstow R. F. Burgess N. Transou J. J. Thompson R. L. Graziani E. L. Gwinnell D. E. Marble R. Higgins W. B. David L. A. Egaas
842-3291 Penn C. H. Penn R. P. Washburne J. T. Berryhill D. B. Adams T. H. Willis J. Spiga E. F. Jacobson M. L. O'Neal M. H. Mulligan J. V. Pacella
942-5900 Swift P. Swift C. E. Tipper P. Arbon O. R. Bowman J. W. Taylor S. Molnar D. O. VanGundy B. C. Erickson W. S. Gavitt R. J. Ponton Erickson
1042-30209 PorterA A. D. Porter H. E. Thompson H. C. Rowland F. M. Pelkowski J. R. Ash J. H. Moffitt R. Mallicote M. Malamed R. Miller I. L. Schraeder W. L. Chamberlin
1142-30205 Kelley F. F. Kelley W. L. Tobin K. R. Alexander D. B. Adams C. C. Jones H. P. Schwerdt V. Marchwinski R. B. Ryals J. W. Maschke A. W. Milligan
1242-30193 Eccleston K. L. Eccleston R. F. Bissonette J. K. Dorsett M. Fletcher G. B. Doyle N. D. Gallagher J. J. Molinari D. F. Holliman I. Clark D. L. Ceely
1342-30212 Denton J. R. Denton N. E. Fair W. B. Davis E. A. Basham F. A. Glose R. C. Hayman T. H. Kennedy E. J. Cordts I. K. Walter C. T. Scott R. B. Satterwhite
1442-30213 Pfeiffer R. L. Pfeiffer T. A. Sigurdson E. G. Garver B. J. Quenneville A. G. Yarger F. M. Miller A. Jusewicz J. H. Riedel V. L. Rhoda J. P. Riley
1542-30177 Bliss C. C. Bliss V. D. Duncan J. N. Haroiad C. M. Zettick H. G. Rotell A. N. Brown R. E. Bradley E. W. Wilbert L. H. Rudell H. B. Mays Col. Travis
1642-30317 Willson I. M. Willson C. P. Seymour W. H. Harrington M. C. Greve A. W. Fabiszewski E. L. McMurray F. J. Hajjar G. R. Bourke B. M. Truman R. Allard B. C. Reed
1742-5906 Cox H. O. Cox A. Rubin W. E. Eddy F. N. Broach R. P. Gromis H. J. Ball G. R. Martin F. H. Curry O. B. Kloza J. M. Lewis
1842-5898 WilliamsP P. E. Williams I. Rogg J. M. Flor M. G. Mahoney B. J. Miazgowicz R. J. Harwood H. N. Moore M. B. Rollins R. B. Cornwell R. W. Connors
1942-5907 Wisehart J. A. Wisehart G. C. McLaughlin W. Goldenberg S. W. Alford S. P. Sardo L. H. Smith M. J. Mango W. O. Miller A. M. Carlson L. H. Brown
2042-30215 Horn E. P. Horn D. W. Wetherbee I. S. Cohen R. G. Bailey E. L. Hobbs R. E. Baker F. W. Whittaker S. W. DeGeorgio H. H. Hoffman R. R. Ammarell
2142-30214 Nagorka H. J. Nagorka G. N. Parker F. E. Tierney W. E. Mason R. A. Blankenburg E. Keisler F. J. Antalek R. E. Harrison R. C. Beckham W. P. Quinn
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